A personnel placement firm does not need to be large to be effective.

A personnel placement firm does not need to be large to be effective. It does require a serious commitment to the client, extensive personal and industry contacts, and the ability to understand, in a given situation, the person/position combination that offers the best chance for accomplishment and a feeling of satisfaction. It also requires plain old hard work. And ultimately, it boils down to one person’s ability to provide all this, no matter how large the placement firm might be.

Joel Wilensky’s ability to match clients and candidates is unusual, and that’s why his firm is so unique.


The success of the person in the position is the name of the game; in our case, success is getting the right person and position together. To a small search firm, it is, frankly, critical that a high rate of success is maintained. Dogged determination and perseverance pay off for all involved, not just in time and money saved but in the quality of the match. Joel’s persistence is one of the key reasons for his success and, therefore, the success of you, his client. He and he alone represents you, so you can count on him.


The combination of an unusual memory, diligence in record keeping and depth of experience, especially in RETAILING at the Corporate or Home Office level, provides you with an efficient channel for successful placement and position filling. An impressive contact and applicant information retrieval system gets and keeps the ball rolling, while Joel’s persistence in follow-through maximizes the prospects for success.

Joel’s organizational skills mean that you, the client, are never left in the dark. Constant communication documents search activities so that you are always aware of the status of the search. Confusion is minimized; questions are answered.

Joel Wilensky’s is a less hit-or-miss, more professional way to accomplish your objective.


In a business where the terms “fleshpeddler” and “head-hunter” are commonly used, Joel has set and adheres to high ethical standards. He rejects the “make-the-placement-at-all costs” attitude, preferring the pride that comes from having fully understood both the applicant’s and the employer’s requirements, and bringing them together for their mutual benefit and profit. Your relationship with Joel is much like that between a lawyer and client; all parties may be assured that confidentiality is steadfastly maintained.

Both company and candidate can feel comfortable with the manner in which Joel conducts his business, during and after the placement.

So there you have a description of Joel H. Wilensky. It explains what he will do for you and how he will do it rather than focusing on what he has done in the past, because that’s what really matters. For those who may have an interest in such things, he’s a strong family man…married, the father of two daughters, was graduated from the University of Connecticut and has a name and reputation known in most retail chains in New England and beyond. He has screened and selected professionals for industry for over 25 years.

Joel H. Wilensky Associates, Inc. is Joel Wilensky, a persistent, organized, ethical professional who effectively brings people and positions together.


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