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Candidate References

"Joel, at least three recruiters have called me during the last two months to tell me that they have given my resume to a company that is "very excited" about my background and that they are going to schedule me for an interview with them the following week, only to never hear from them again. And they did not return my follow-up phone calls or emails when I inquired about what happened. Not at all professional, like you. This is why I will ALWAYS recommend you to anyone in retail who is looking for a reputable, ethical and courteous recruiter."

R.M., 3/3/11


Thanks! I appreciate your patience, advice and expertise.

Thank you."

JM 2/16/11


Thank you for the well wishes and for all your help throughout the process. As they say, I couldn’t have done it without you. I’ve always enjoyed working with you and I’m glad we have a second success to put into the record book."

BT 4/5/10


It was a pleasure working with you as well. I appreciate the mentoring, coaching and advice you provided and look forward to meeting you at some point.


BW 3/30/10


Thanks again for all your help during this process. You are very good at what you do and I enjoyed working with you."

GA 3/15/10

"Hi Joel,

Thank you for the kind words. I really appreciate all the time and effort that you spent preparing me for this opportunity. I can honestly say that you are the most professional recruiter that I have ever worked with."

JC 3/10/10


Thank you for the update. Many people in your field leave people hanging. I appreciate your professionalism."

SK 10/30/09


In the midst of this process, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you.

Thank you for your efforts to speed this process along – and thank you especially for your wonderful sincerity in all our conversations. It is clear why you are very successful at what you do. It is also clear why you have such strong relationships with the team at (client).

Thank you again."

FA 10/23/09


Again, I want to thank you for your ongoing candor; it is very refreshing."

BC 3/27/08


Thank you so much for all of your help, coaching, counseling, and overall positive support during this process. I am disappointed not only for myself, but for you as well. I know the work that you put into this to make it happen. I truly believe that things happen for a reason, this being one of them. Other opportunities will arise.

In the meantime, I appreciate everything that you have done for me and I look forward to working with you in the future. Take care!"

KP 1/7/08


I understand your client's requirement. Good luck in finding the right candidates. I also thank you for the follow-up, and particularly the second email closing the loop. (I have to comment that few recruiters have closed that loop on their own. You show courtesy and, unfortunately, that is a characteristic in apparent short supply these days.)"

JR 2/8/08


The article I just read online from Extreme Recruiting is impressive enough to justify sending you my resume. By the way, I'm also a 6-6 individual, with a few extra hours thrown in for computer work at night. I look forward to hearing from you and wish you continued success in your business. You are lucky that you are one of the fortunate few who love what they do. I'm looking for a change that will allow me to continue to do the same."

DS 9/19/06


Thanks again for everything!
Congratulations on your 900th placement! This is remarkable. "

CS, 4/26/06

*CS was, in fact, my 900th placement. - JHW


By the way, working with you has been a pleasure, whether or not this job comes to fruition. Over a period of time, I have been contacted by more than a few recruiting firms. It is astonishing how many firms are totally unprofessional about their approach. Not keeping appointments, poor follow-up, the list goes on. It seems like anyone with a PC and a cell phone is qualified to be a recruiter these days. Your professionalism has been a distinguishing factor, when in fact it should have been a "given" for all the competitors in your field. Anyway, good for you and too bad for them. They'll eventually have to realize - its grow up or die. ;-) "

SS, 3/11/05


It was a pleasure to talk to you today even though the opportunity was not workable. "Their loss". I was impressed with your web site, the questionaire and how straightforward it was & easy to work with. "

DD, 9/8/04

". . . The only surprise is that there are still people that are courteous enough to send a notification like that but I guess that's why you've lasted in the business so long."

CA, 6/9/04

"Hi Joel,

I must say that it is a pleasure to work with someone as prompt and efficient as yourself! It's not always the case."

SMF, 5/27/04

"Dear Joel,

I would like to thank you for the time you spent on this search and for your professionalism.

It's been refreshing to work with a recruiter who takes the time to communicate with his candidates and make sure they are prepared.

I look forward to working with yu again in the future."

CD, 5/25/04

". . . I really appreciate your time and help during my job hunting process. You were by far the best recruiter I have ever dealt with and your website and emails provided great insight into the interview process. If I am ever in the market again I definitely plan to contact you first. Additionally, anyone that I currently know in the market, I will pass along your information to them as well. Good luck and thanks again."

EW, 3/31/04


Thank you for the status. I am disappointed, but I fully understand. I truly appreciate your courtesy to let me know it seems most recruiters just let the non-selected fade."

JL, 3/23/04

"Dear Joel,

You are too kind. I greatly appreciate your words of wisdom and support. As I do all things, I have been sharing your communications and information regarding this position with my parents. My Father, a brilliant and tough cookie, remarked after reading your website "This guy is classy with a capital 'C'!". A ringing endorsement, I assure you!

I also want to assure you this is the most important interview I have every had. What a fantastic opportunity! I am very excited and will be extrememly prepared. I am the right person for this job and I will do all I can to convince him of that on Friday."

EF, 2/12/04

". . . If anything else crosses your desk and looks to be up my alley...please keep me informed! Thanks for all your help and staying on top of things. It is nice dealing with a professional!"

MM, 2/4/04

". . . I wanted to say Thanks for all the work you have done over the past couple of weeks with me. You have a great level of commitment and I can easily understand why you have such a high success in placing people. You have made the experience a positive one. Please keep me in mind if you see anything in the future."

SC, 11/22/03

". . . And now (if I may), one piece of feedback for you, I truly enjoy your "style". The persona that you shared with me over the phone (organized, nurturing, innovative) is truly evident on your website. I have been told that I create training documentation that is "User Friendly", and sounds as if I am speaking directly to each "student"individually, well Joel, your website does that as well. I just love it!"

Maura O., 9/11/03

". . . You have been one of the most up-front and decent people I have dealt with in the recruiting world. . . ."

Tim R., 4/29/03

". . . You are a true professional--as we discussed, it is impossible to adequately describe what capabilities are required to successfully perform in your role, but I can say you are fabulous.

I look forward to keeping in touch in the future. . . ."

David A., 3/21/03

". . . I sincerely appreciate your time to ensure I was fully prepared for the interview process. The countless hours we spent discussing how my past successes and experiences married up to their opportunities put me ahead of the other candidates.

Additionally, your professional and methodical approach made this search the most pleasurable I have ever experienced. I will recommend you to both employers and candidates!

Again, thanks for everything! . . ."

Richard I., 3/20/03

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