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"It is always a pleasure to work with professional and dedicated business partners and you were more than that. [The VP of HR] and I recognize the hard work and degree of effort you put into our searches, and I hope we will work together again on a future search."

Employment Manager
(of a national specialty store chain)

"My Company has utilized the search firm of Joel H. Wilensky Associates, Inc for over eight years. The firm has found consistently high-quality candidates required to fill crucial management positions within my organization in a timely manner.

Joel H. Wilensky Associates, Inc. has succeeded in this effort because when you hire the firm you hire Joel Wilensky, President and founder of the firm. He personally handles every search with the determination, diligence, attention to detail, and thoroughness necessary to get the job done right. He has taken the time to understand the culture of my company and to ensure he understands the hiring requirements of each assigned position. He has proven to our company continually that he is not just looking to fill jobs, but to find the right match for both the candidate and us.

Joel is a full business partner and has become an extension to my staff. I highly recommend Joel and his firm."

Peter T.
Vice President Human Resources
A billion-dollar-plus Home Services company

"Joel just never gives up. He'll work the search 'til the bitter end until he can find that right person."

MK, Director of Executive Recruiting
A Consumer Goods Company

"“Thanks for your effort on this (CFO) search … no one can ever say you don’t try hard.”

A large Retail Chain

"Joel Wilensky is one of the most ethical professional recruiters with whom I've ever worked. His follow-through is also second to none! I highly recommend that you give Joel the opportunity to meet your recruiting needs."

RM, Manager, Communication & Training
A Specialty Store Chain

"Joel is straight forward, direct, will not 'oversell' himself or the candidate. He will provide a candid, clear assessment.

ME, Recruiting Manager
A large Drugstore Chain

"Joel Wilensky has proven to be a valuable resource in recruiting top flight executive talent to our company."

PT, HR Manager, Corporate Staffing
A Direct Mail Company

"Joel is a true professional."

MB, VP, Field Human Resources
A large Retail Chain

"Top notch professional...One of the best in the business...Delivers qualified candidates in a timely and professional manner...Great follow-up."

SO, Manager of Recruitment
A Specialty Store Chain

"He is tireless in his efforts, timeless in his accessibility and relentless in pursuit of successful job matches with employee and employer. If God hadn't created him, Disney would have!"

MJ, VP Human Resources
A large Retail Chain

"Joel is demanding, relentless on follow-up, competitive, discerning in his presentation of candidates. I respect the professional opinion he gives me of candidates he presents to me...a true professional."

ME, Senior VP, Human Resources
A Retail Chain


Joel H. Wilensky Associates, Inc.

P.O. Box 155 • Sudbury, MA 01776-0155
Phone (978) 443-5176 • E-mail
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