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Local Retail Recruiter Reaches Milestone - 900 Placements !

Sudbury, Mass. - May 9, 2006

Think Cal Ripken breaking the consecutive games played record.
Think John McCain telling the world hi take on foreign policy.
Think Paul Newman in The Color of Money... or pretty much anything else.

Experience Counts.

As of April 2006, Joel H. Wilensky of Joel H. Wilensky Associates, in Sudbury, Mass., has placed 900 candidates in the retail industry. Yes, you read that right: 900 placements for the man Women's Wear Daily in 1990 called a "One Man Band." "I'm very proud to have reached this milestone," said Wilensky, "and I'm now starting to work on reaching 1,000."

In a world that sometimes seems to value new and flashy over timeless quality, Joel Wilensky has done the same thing, found the best person for the job - 900 times. He doesn't do the bells and whistles. He doesn't do newfangled fads. He doesn't do trends. But he will do everything within his power to find the right candidate to fill the executive hiring needs of his clients.

Joel H. Wilensky Associates is Joel Wilenskey. To learn more about this One Man Band, visit this company's web site at


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