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Over his career, Joel Wilensky has placed 906 applicants.

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Candidate Questionnaire

Dear Candidate:

I have been in the placement business for many years, and most of my clients are RETAIL chains. Whether you are looking to relocate or wanting to stay in your hometown, I may have affiliates to assist you in your career search. Please browse my web site for more information on me, and I look forward to receiving your current resume and your completed candidate questionnaire so that I have information on you.

Following are the reasons for the detailed questions below:

  • To better match your skills with the best job opportunities.
  • To ensure finding my clients, or my affiliates' clients, the best person for their positions.
  • To have a "complete package" on you before the records go into my database. By doing this, searches done by skills, location, etc. will better match your record when appropriate.
  • And lastly, because your records are complete, you will not waste time having to answer the same questions over and over.

Please help me get to know you better by answering the following questions (take as much space between questions as you wish):

Name and Address (*required):

E-mail Address (*required):

Why are you leaving or why did you leave your most current position? Please be very specific:

Where are you in your job search? Do you have interviews set, offers pending? How long have you been looking?

Are there any companies you have contacted that I should avoid in my marketing of your skills?

Desired position? What are you most interested in and most qualified to do?

Geographical preferences: Where will you definitely relocate to (what areas are you really open to)? To what areas will you absolutely not relocate (in the world)?

What are a few of your personal and technical strengths?

What is your #1 accomplishment to date?

Renter or homeowner?

Does your spouse/significant other work outside the home? If so, his/her profession?

Current base salary, any other bonus, or compensation? If you do receive a bonus, what is the percentage? Do you have stock options, and if yes, what?

Salary range seeking?

Citizenship status - U. S. Citizen, U.S. Permanent Resident, NAFTA candidate (Candidate or Mexican Citizen), or current VISA Status, and when your Visa Expires.

Work and cell phone numbers, if not shown on resume.

Best times for companies and affiliates to contact you at home for potential telephone interviews.

Percentage of time you would be willing to travel, if needed:

Availability to start a new position:

Any outstanding projects at work that might delay your start date:

Will the sale of your home be a possible problem?

Do you have some work references available? Most companies prefer at least one past and one current supervisor/ manager.

Please let me know how you were referred to me:

Personal Referral
Internet Search Engine


There are a few websites you should visit for information purposes

1. www.virtualrelocation.com will give you a perspective of Real Estate prices and quality in the areas you are considering.
2. www.homefair.com will give you some valuable information on the cost of living comparisons.

Once I receive this Questionnaire, along with your most current resume by email, formatted in MS Word, preferably, RTF (Rich Text Format), or plain Text, I will be ready to prepare your information for marketing to my clients and/or distribution to an affiliate Recruiter.

I look forward to working with you on your job search.


Joel Wilensky


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